Password protect wd my book

Western digital has built a solid reputation for its hard drives. Western digitals my book range are powerful external hds that take up more space than its competitors, but offer a lot more storage for a decent price. Hello, i have a western digital external hard drive id like to find out how to password protect it. It didnt come with any sort of software, so i cant do it that way. Yes, the advantage is that as opposed to software solutions is really, really hard for somebody or you to nuke format if windows offers to, delete partition, install some os on the wrong disk, etc.

We will cover things like their appearance, capacity, ease of use, and value for money. Our latest edition features visual, easytouse, automatic, continuous backup software and drive lock security protection. As shown in figure 1, your my book for mac disk drive kit includes. This tutorial will walk you through three different scenarios by which you can regain access to your external hard drive. Should it be lost, wd my book essentials drive will remain locked or must be reformatted to use again. It comes with all the software you need to help protect your data, including wd backup and wd security software and is compatible with time machine. That way, you dont have to worry about unauthorized access to your wd drives.

There are also 2 other offices in our suite who use the same network wifi. Click on the mount button and enter your password in the pop up menu. How to password protect data on a wd external drive. Password protect encrypt my book live wd community. How to set up a password on western digital external hard drives. Wd security download 2020 latest for windows 10, 8, 7.

How can i password protect my wd external hard disk drive. Wd smartware automatic backup software and password protection with hardware encryption ensure your data is protected. Regular readers will note that this isnt the first time that wd my cloud devices have been found to contain concerning vulnerabilities. Wds popular my book elite usb external drive gives you the tools to back up your data automatically and continuously, see your backup as it happens, effortlessly retrieve lost files, and label your drive for easy archiving and protect it with a password. How to setup western digital passport password encryption. Click the wd quick view icon in the menu bar and move the cursor over the name of your my book live drive to display drive status below the submenu.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. My book for mac external hard drive, with the wd security and wd drive utilities software usb 3. This is my second my book my first one is a 1 tb yes that old. I mean on the whole thing or is it just for certain filesfolders. Easy to use my book desktop storage is ready to use out of the box so you can start transferring files, saving your memories and backing up right away. The program to restore is password protectected and we have no way of getting that information. For information about optional accessories for wd products, visit. About the drive features about wds online learning center package contents system requirements.

The ability to protect your data with a password and bit wd my book essentials is a welcome addition, and the integrated backup software, smartware, does a solid job of providing automatic backup. As you would expect, it is more expensive than the wd elements desktop hard drive but still within the average. The mybook has a web interface that the windows 7 laptop can still access and the internet works fine. How to set up a password for a wd passport smallbusiness. The my book drive is trusted desktop storage designed to complement your personal style with a massive amount of space to store your photos, videos, music and documents. I have windows 7 ultimate and a western digital mybook network storage. Protect your data automaticallyautomatic, continuous backup instantly makes a copy whenever you add or change a file.

How to password protect external hard drives on mac and. If you have the western digital my book essential edition 500 gb external hard drive, does it have a password protect feature builtin. Password protect western digital my book external hard. Once we ave finished comparing them, we will put all the information in a chart so you can see the two sideby. I have tried formatting the my book drive using file explorer, but it tells me the drive is write protected. My book desktop storage is ready to use out of the box for pc so you can start transferring files, saving your memories and backing up.

Locate the drive name you selected y in this case and double click to open it. I just bought an elements wd drive, however, and it. Customers are advised to install firmware version 2. It comes with all the software you need to help protect your data, including wd backup and wd security software and is compatible with apple time machine. Passwordprotected device that is locked no writable partition message. I need it so that atleast once a day it asks for a password and if i log off it will ask me the password again when i log back in. Setting up and using wd security and wd drive utilities wd support.

I dont want to loose and i dont want to pay too much to recover this data. How to password protect western digital external hard drive. My problem is that the other 2 offices can access our mybooklive files because they are on the same network. How to unlock a wd external drive without a password ccm. Here, the new wd my book recorded a pcmark score of 2552 with a bandwidth of 10. Western digital, wd, the wd logo, and my book are registered trademarks. Password protection with builtin 256bit aes hardware encryption with wd security software, just set your own personalized password to. In this case, first use either the wd security or the. This dualdrive device features blazingfast transfer speeds, encrypted. Wait for few seconds and the password will be installed and saved on to the rom chip of the wd my passport.

Other than bitlocker filevault for os x, you can check my previous answer. Wds encryption for that drive is pretty good and fast, ive used it. There are some very simple solutions that you can implement to unlock your drive and reset your password. I have used wd encryption for several wd external drives of mine. I had the same issue with my 4tb wd my book external drive and i did the following. It comes with all the software you need to help protect your data, including wd backup and wd security software, and is compatible with apple time machine. Hi there, i am in dyer need to encrypt or atleast password protect my mbl. And that seems to have finally stirred western digital into action.

How to password protect a western digital wd my passport. In this article, we are going to look at the wd my passport and the wd easystore. Western digital my book elite 2 tb usb hard drive w. Wd smartware software from western digital provides the ability to set a. Dear dennis, i dont know whats going on but all my files on my external western digital my book are marked as read only. Complete backup equipped with wd backup software for windows and apple time machine compatibility for mac, the my book desktop hard drive can back up your photos, videos, music, and documents. All were mapped to the mybook nas share until recently when i lost connection from my windows 7 laptop. Wd security is useful if you have western digital drives and want to add password protection to them. If your product is not listed above, please visit the product page. I have looked but there is no tab or switch on the usb drive to unlock or disable the write protect. How to blockpassword protect content from my external hard disk. I have wd my book elite 1 tb and i forget my password now what should i do.

In this video ill show you how simple it is to setup the password encryption for your western digital passport harddrive link to hard drive. For most data loss scenarios, a recovery program may help salvage your data without sending your device for expensive data rescue services. I purchased this after getting into digital photography and, unfortunately, after losing a lot of data on a portable hd which i dropped. Western digital mybook drive lock encryption failure and. In fact, considering the differences in the hard drives, this comes at an excellent price. The drive can be password protected with builtin 256bit aes hardware encryption. If you currently find yourself locked out of your wd external hard drive with no means of recuperating your password, do not panic. Without a unique password blocking access to the data, our wd my book data recovery specialists can use a few special tricks to recover data from inaccessible wd my book drives with a high rate of success.

Equipped with social media and cloud storage import, password protection and perfectly paired with wd backup or time machine, my book desktop storage helps. Western digital my book live user manual pdf download. No longer can access mybook network storage share on. You can easily secure data on these drives with wd security. Conclusion overall, wds new my book is a solid choice for the general consumer looking for a solution to back up a large amount of data, such images of their entire computer and large media files, leveraging a relatively large. Launching wd smartware windows only if wd smartware is installed, select the wd smartware option on the wd quick view menu to display the wd smartware home screen. Password protect mybooklive on shared network my book. Western digital hard drive data recovery definitive guide. Equipped with social media and cloud storage import, password protection and perfectly paired with wd backup or time machine, my book desktop storage helps keep your files safe.

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