Comfar iii expert training software

Expertsoft trainings it and software online training in. Comfar iii mini expert is another program application developed for the early financial analysis appraisal of investment prospects. The comfar iii expert software is developed by unido and recognized in the world as business plan development standard. Computer model for feasibility analysis and reporting. The software has high compatibility program is introduced. Private equity analyst iran foreign investments company ific mar 2014 oct 2018 4 years 8 months. Unlike comfar iii expert and comfar iii business planner, the program does not support userdefined flexibility has evolved. General description of comfar iii expertsoftware easy to access easy to operate comfar iii expert sgraphical user interface makes it very userfriendly and, therefore, ideal even for those with no special com.

Caribbean ipas to make investment opportunities more. A software packages designed for the preliminary assessment of investment opportunities from a financial point of view. Unido software for business performance measurement, management and benchmarking. The software facilitates the analysis of industrial as well as nonindustrial projects, whether new investments, rehabilitations, expansions, joint venture or privatization projects. The training course will be conducted by international expert in english language with. Comfar is accompanied by manuals, teaching materials and interlinked software for project identification and preparation. The lumpsum licence fee for the respective software package depends on the country and status commercial, noncommercial or university of the user. Training on financial analysis of investment project. The compiled version of the comfar iii expert software package contains parts of.

Expertsoft is the best online training institute for it and software, software and web technologies courses in hyderabad. Training on the use of comfar iii expert software improving. The 22 caribbean participants from 16 caribbean territories were trained in the use of the flagship software of unidocomputer model for feasibility analysis and. Comfar iii expert, comfar iii business planner and comfar iii mini expert may be obtained from unido under the conditions specified in the comfar licence agreement.

Software for project appraisal and analysis economy environment. Representatives of investment agencies, small and medium enterprises and industryspecific colleges from different regions of ukraine are participating in this workshop. Farzad asadi financial analyze with comfar software. In addition, online training via an elearning platform is to be developed.

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