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Okay so i have watched the tv show and rest most of the books, but who does elena end. Smith, the author who created the series and wrote the first seven novels thereof published by alloy entertainment, or the official version alloy continued to publish after firing her. She is driven by a desire to be the best at everything, and takes an interest in a handsome new student named stefan salvatore, who repeatedly avoids her. Stefan eventually rescues elena from tyler smallwood. The vampire diaries plot summary vampire diaries online. The last book to be published in the main vampire diaries series is named the return midnight. Smiths new york times bestselling vampire diaries series elena gilbert is back from the dead, but shes come back changedwith newfound powers and blood that is irresistible to vampires, including stefan and damon salvatore, the two vampire brothers who love her. Elena gilbert is the most beautiful and popular girl in all of robert e. The vampire diaries always prioritized elenas happy ending and the salvatores redemption above all else. But the end of the vampire diaries books provides a crazier option that looks entirely possible for the show to pull off. Eight years of doppelgangers and deaths are coming to an end with the twohour series finale of the vampire diaries tonight at 7 p. I have only started reading the book and am only on book 2 of the vampire diaries. Elena gilbert novel the vampire diaries wiki fandom.

The book we are talking about is not a common book on these subjects but the book we are talking about the vampire diaries. It is the final book to be published so far in the main vampire diaries series, though both the diaries of stefan and diaries of damon have been published recently. So actually stefan happened not to have any memories of elena as his girlfriend because elena changed the past. After eight seasons, the vampire diaries wrapped up with one epic death and a whole lot of peace for most of its characters. Who got a happy ending in the vampire diaries finale. Starring nina dobrev, paul wesley and ian somerhalder, the vampire diaries was one of my favorite television shows in middle school, high school and now college. Damon, then, is the one who ultimately gets the girl.

Her soulmate and true love is centuries old vampire, stefan salvatore. I was browsing around over at and found this nice plot summary for the vampire diaries postedso i kinda stole it thursday 8. The vampire diaries cocreator julie plec breaks down the emotional series finale. The vampire diaries series finale deaths hollywood. Did you watch all 95 seasons of the vampire diaries. Stelena almost had a happy ending on the vampire diaries. The vampire diaries creators reveal alternate finale ending.

The vampire diaries novel series the vampire diaries. The struggle read online free from your pc or mobile. A truly perfect ending to an incredible, unique, powerful, and important. The vampire diaries debuted on september 10, 2009 and ran for eight total seasons. What happens in the end of vampire diaries the last book. The vampire diaries is a huge hit tv show based on books that are just as popular.

Elena gilbert is the heroine and the protagonist of the vampire diaries book series. Well, julie revealed of their original ending quote, we had fallen in love with this series and this story about two brothers who loved the same girl and the love triangle was kicking into high. The awakening is a very different book from all the other books as well. In fact, williamson always imagined elena ending up with. The vampire diaries is now a hit television series on the cw the story centers on elena gilbert, a young, beautiful high school girl who finds herself eventually torn between two. The series is inspired by the eponymous lisa jane smith book series on vampires in a modern american society. The vampire diaries is a young adult vampire, romance and horror series of novels created and written by l.

Official home of the original vampire diaries books. But the series finale we all watched wasnt the one the shows executive producers originally envisioned. I have this strange feeling that it would be a terrible mistake te leave you behind. Nina dobrev explains why she exited the vampire diaries. The vampire diaries is a young adult vampire horror series of novels created by alloy entertainment book packager. If you havent experience the gutwrenching, amazing and jawdropping vampire diaries finale, this post contains spoilers. The vampire diaries came to a close on friday night after eight seasons of teen angst, romance and supernatural delights.

This detailed literature summary also contains topics for discussion on the vampire diaries. Nina dobrev opened up about her decision to leave the vampire diaries after six seasons in a new interview tv. Smiths novels were first published in 1991 and they continued to grow from there. Paul wesley reveals how he wanted the vampire diaries to end with even more deaths this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The vampire diaries series finale ends with an epilogue showing many characters living their lives while their loved ones look on from the afterlife. The vampire diaries is an american television series developed by julie plec and kevin williamson on adventures of supernatural beings in small town mystic falls located in virginia, the usa.

There are instances when the story may focus on minor individuals in the story but the primary characters are elena gilbert, damon and stefan salvatore. The story centers on elena gilbert, a young high school girl who finds her heart eventually torn between two vampire brothers, stefan and damon salvatore. Well, then you might have some questions about the series finale, i was feeling epic. For years, diehard vampire diaries fans have wondered how the show would end, or, more specifically, what ending julie plec and kevin williamson came up with during season 2. The vampire diaries series finale explained girlfriend. According to the book, who did elena choose in the end.

Elena was born july 6th, 1974, in fells church, virginia. Stelena fans may not have gotten their happily ever after on the vampire diaries series finale, and no one is more disappointed about that than series cocreator kevin williamson. Stefans elder, dangerous and malevolent vampire brother who follows him to fells church is damon salvatore. The next generation and her 15yearold brother, jeremy steven r. And then, he went outside to find his best friend lexi waiting for him so we guess he did get a happy ending. Spoilers nina dobrev returned to choose between stefan and damon once and for all so did she. Alaric saltzman is pretty much the same except he was brought in by the mayor and principal of the school about the vampire problem in the books, but comes in by himself in the show. The salvation and all future books in the series are not written by l.

Not just the fiction and the fantasy are the main themes of this book but it is having a strong touch of the young adult fiction as well. The vampire diaries creators wanted elena to end up with. Nina dobrev reveals if she was satisfied with the vampire. And when we end the show, were ending the show in peace which i would go so far as to say is the vampire diaries version of what heaven means. The vampire diaries new series four months after the tragic car accident that killed their parents, 17yearold elena gilbert nina dobrev, degrassi. The vampire diaries book comparison for tv series finale. Paul wesley reveals how he wanted the vampire diaries to. J smith is still making other books i think but so far in the series who is she with.

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